Thursday, August 10, 2017

Frauscher sets RI 2017 agenda

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Frauscher Wheel Sensor RSR110 Frauscher Wheel Sensor RSR110 Frauscher Sensor Technology USA Inc.

Frauscher Sensor Technology USA Inc. will be exhibiting its Frauscher Tracking Solutions (FTS) at Railway Interchange 2017 at booth 1801, where visitors “can learn more about inductive wheel sensors, reliable axle counters, and see the future of train tracking with solutions based on Fiber Optic Acoustic Detection (FOAD) technology,” the company says.

Frauscher says it provides a FOAD solution “developed specifically for the railroad industry. It includes:

Robust wheel detection. “Over 30 years of global experience enable Frauscher to develop wheel sensors that are characterized by maximum availability. They are resilient against extreme temperatures, vibrations, rail brakes, and electromagnetic interference. Patented rail claws and the plug-in connection available on some models make mounting Frauscher wheel sensors quick and simple.”

Wheel Sensor RSR110. “This sensor is available in two variants: The Single Wheel Sensor RSR110s and the Double Wheel Sensor RSR110d. A fundamental idea in developing these sensors was creating a product that provides operators and system integrators with flexibility. Based on its open interface, the sensors can easily be integrated into existing infrastructures. This offers numerous possibilities to replace existing solutions and increase system availability. Its analog signal can be evaluated according to the operator’s specific requirements. In case a digital signal is required, Frauscher offers the Wheel Sensor Signal Converter WSC that transforms the signal. For vital applications, Frauscher provides its customers with proven, fail-safe wheel detection systems.”

Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdCAxle Counting. “The Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC represents the latest generation of Frauscher axle counters. It’s been implemented on the Houston METRO system, a staging yard in Baltimore, and protects the Whittier Tunnel in Alaska. It provides higher-level systems with a wealth of information beyond just train detection. The FAdC can meet a broad range of infrastructure requirements by using either hardware interfaces, such as relays or optocouplers, or via software interfaces. Using the second option, the FAdC can be connected to interlockings or level crossing control systems via a single cable or even via radio connection. The modular system can be configured for centralized and decentralized architectures, even over long distances and dark territories. For safe transmission of axle counter information and other data, Frauscher has developed the Frauscher Safe Ethernet FSE protocol. This open protocol is freely available to customers and is easy to configure. Frauscher has also developed solutions that support customer-specific protocols.”

“Based on the principle of Fiber Optic Acoustic Detection (FOAD), Frauscher Tracking Solutions FTS represents a new generation of live tracking,” the company says. “It enables applications such as train tracking, asset condition monitoring, and track side security using a single solution on or near the tracks. It is possible to detect passing trains, footsteps on or near the cable, activities like sawing or digging, rock falls, animal herds and more in real-time. The technology also has the potential to revolutionize maintenance strategies by tracking defects on assets, such as wheel flats or broken rails. Tests at the TTCI test center in Colorado are ongoing, with promising results. To increase data quality, FTS can be combined with proven axle counters and wheel detection systems. Thus Frauscher can provide its customers with massively expanded options.”