Friday, August 11, 2017

BNSF 2Q17 revenue up 15%; OR drops to 65

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Based on a 24% increase in net income for 2017’s second quarter, BNSF’s 2Q17 revenues increased 15% to $5.25 billion on 9% more revenue units and 5% more RPU (revenue per unit) than the prior-year quarter.

BNSF’s 2Q17 operating expense increased 12% to $3.46 billion, based on operating income income of $1.79 billion, up 20%, and an operating ratio of 65.0%, down 1.7 points. Net income was $958 million, up 20%.

“BNSF’s Q2 results bespeak excellence among the Big Four U.S. Class I’s for percentage gains in revenue, total revenue units, and system RPU (revenue per unit), yet show the lowest percentage of freight revenue in the merchandise carload column. But, remember that at BNSF, Motor Vehicles is part of Consumer Products, and it’s up 5% year-over-year through week 26. BNSF also gets the brass ring for sheer dollars in free cash flow after capex: $1.9 billion.”

For additional details, download BNSF’s 2Q17 Financial Performance Report at the link below.